Google Allo to be discontinued by March 2019

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Google Allo to be discontinued by March 2019
Google Allo to be discontinued by March 2019

New Delhi : According to a report from 9to5Google, Google's Allo will shut down very soon. A few months ago, Allo hasn’t been receiving attention from the tech giant. Here's something which most of us hardly know, but then, our source revealed an interesting story.

Google shifted development from Allo and Duo to focus on improving the Android Messages app going all in with RCS (Rich Service Communications), which is set to be the true successor to the outdated SMS (Short Message Service) default messaging service on Android.

The last time Allo was updated on Android is January and the app has already shown signs of aging with bugs and Google Drive restore is borked. With high competition for instant messaging apps available like Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line, to name a few; now, it doesn't make sense for Google to pursue Allo’s success when Android “Chat” and RCS is just around the corner. 

A message says, "Allo will continue to work through March 2019 and until then, you'll be able to export all of your existing conversation history from the app. We've learned a lot from Allo, particularly what's possible when you incorporate machine learning features, like the Google Assistant, into messaging.

As Google has done with previous platforms and services, it starts them up to learn the ins and outs until eventually Google apply what it learned from the failed product into a new one. In this case, many of Allo’s features were ported to Android Messages, the default SMS and soon-to-be RCS client on Android phones.