Google I/O 2018 brings Gmail 'Smart Compose', Al Google Photos, machine learning-based features and more

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Google introduces machine learning feature
Google introduces machine learning feature

New Delhi : Google LLC’s CEO Sundar Pichai, in the I/O 2018 annual developer conference has mentioned some crucial talking about Al, the fresh Gmail design and many features it has in store for users worldwide. He indicated that the new “Smart Compose” feature will be introduced to Gmail later in the month of May 2018.

The on-going Google I/O 2018 annual developer conference talked about the feature which uses machine learning to suggest phrases as users’ type. Interestingly, it will write emails for you. You will see the auto complete suggestion on your computer screen, and if it is what you intend to type, just hit the Tab.  For more vivid explanation, Google presented a demonstration video where the feature looks pretty cool.

In addition, Pichai mentioned that there are over five billion photos viewed in Google Photos every single day. The company is introducing new Smart Actions feature in Google Photos. With the help of this new feature, AI and machine learning will understand who is in the photo and also offer to share the photo with the person.

If the photo is underexposed, AI will suggest fixing brightness. It will also recognize documents and convert into a PDF. Lastly, the remarkable update is that Google Photos can use AI to separate subject in photos and make the colors pop out. It can also rebuild a greyscale photo in color, especially the old black and white photos. 

The entire discussion sounds appealing and we can’t wait to try the new features. Let’s wait for the right time to come!