GPS tracking app v/s other security solutions

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GPS tracking app v/s other security solutions (Image: Shutterstock)
GPS tracking app v/s other security solutions (Image: Shutterstock)

New Delhi : Whether you own a brand-new expensive car, or an old one, you’d probably want it to be secure. It is because your car is what enables you to travel all the long and short distances with ease, comfort and most of all, privacy. However, to keep enjoying the benefits a car brings, you need to ensure its safety which will in turn ensure yours. Adding security solutions to your car makes sure that your loved ones stay protected traveling with or without you. 

That is why; along with choosing the best accessories for your car, you must also equip it with the right security devices. If not that, then you as a car owner should at least identify some other reliable solutions for predictable as well as unpredictable situations. 

However, with standard security solutions, you do not get remote access to the security device or the car while you are not using the car yourself, and are sitting miles away from it. But, with a GPS tracking app like KENT CamEye, that’s possible! Yes, it helps you remain connected to your car and its occupants at all times, all from the comfort of wherever you may be.

You ask how? Well, check out these advanced features of their GPS tracking app to know more:

1. Real-Time Alerts

KENT CamEye offers AI-based real-time alerts that help you remain up-to-date about various aspects of your car such as its location, speed at which it is being driven, and the duration for which the car is on halt. This automatically improves the safety quotient of your car. Besides, smart alerts from the app help you reduce the chances of any car misuse. 

It is a state-of-the-art safety device that makes you, the owner of the vehicle, aware of even an unlikely yet possible problems like an unauthorized driver getting behind the wheels or over-speeding.

There are many ways in which you can make use of a GPS tracking app like KENT CamEye:

Over-Speeding Alert –Smart GPS tracking app sends you a real-time alert when the car goes beyond a fixed speed limit. It especially comes in handy when a chauffeur is driving the vehicle. 

Unknown Driver Alert – Using AI-based facial recognition, an unidentified driver alert notifies you when someone other than the whitelisted driver is in the driving seat. This feature is incredibly helpful in cases of car theft or carjacking.

Place of Interest –This smart alert feature keeps you updated when the vehicle is passing a specific area of interest. Say, you have added your children’s school as a place of interest in the device; in that case, each time, your chauffeur drops or picks the children from school, you will get an alert. 

The function of real-time alerts is to offer improved security to you, your loved ones, and your car. Other than that, you can also use intelligent alerts to know various other details such as noise level, engine idling, and AC warning.

2. Live Video Streaming

KENT CamEye offers a video recording time-lapse feature and allows the car owner to view the footage live, directly on their GPS tracking app. If you have a chauffeur, it enables you to keep a close eye on the safety of your spouse or children. Besides, with the dual camera assistance, you can get live video streaming on the GPS tracking app anytime, anywhere. 

Multiple users can simultaneously view the streaming according to the system owner's choice. In the live video, you can pan and zoom in, and even track driving speed. The dual GPS camera enables both views (inside and outside the car) to be captured automatically, along with an audio recording.

3. Route Playback Feature

GPS tracking apps not only help you get the live location but also allow you to access other trip-related data. Such data provide you with audio and visual records, as well as other reports on driving, which contain valuable insights. 

The most significant benefit, however, is the route playback feature that helps you in finding out the exact specifics of a trip. With such details, you become aware of any instances of your chauffeur misusing your car to complete personal errands. 

4. 2- Way Calling

With a device like KENT CamEye, you also get the option to call the person driving the car through the GPS tracking app directly. Such a feature will prove to be helpful in cases when you are not able to reach your driver's phone.

Also, in case of an emergency, reaching out through direct calling enables you to find out the whereabouts of your loved ones. Thus, it allows you to respond to the situation quickly, especially when help may be needed at the other end.

Now that you know how a GPS tracking app offers superior benefits compared to other security solutions, make an informed decision. You can avail of a free demo provided by KENT CamEye and know about the device’s specifications in detail. Order and have it delivered to your doorstep soon to keep your car secured!