Here's how Facebook uses photo to learn about your family

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Representational Image

New Delhi : Facebook in today's world needs no special introduction. Almost everyone has an account with this social networking giant. But, do you know that the information you share on your account is used by Facebook to target you with specific ads so that the company can earn money. Moreover, Facebook learns your family by using your photos and make particular ad-campaigns to target your mind. Here's how all this could happen

There is a technology which could pick unique identifiers from photos, either posted or tagged ones. Then, by combining these identifiers/clues with facial recognition, the system could predict whom you're living with and interacting with most.

The collected information then gives Facebook a way to build detailed household profiles and use that information for targeting ads.

The social network already uses your relationships, last names, and shared life events to predict who might be your family members. However, this particular system takes a more sophisticated approach and looks for faces in photos that could reveal how they are related to you.

It would also collate information like captions, comments, or even tags like #family, #mom, #kids. Apart from this Facebook collects private information like whom you're living with, the demographic information, age, socioeconomic status and so on.

The company could build entire household profiles and then use shared interests to target those members who are on Facebook.