How to add public events in Google Maps? Step-wise instruction

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Google, the tech giant has come up with new Google Maps update, exclusively for Android. The company has introduced a way to add a public event on the navigation app. The ‘Contribute Tab’ on its Android app now has the option to add a public event, letting businesses and event managers can promote the upcoming event for free of cost. Interestingly, the feature is live in some regions and it hardly takes 30 minutes to become live on Google Maps after adding the event. 

But, the feature to add public events in Google Maps is only limited to Android phones.  Google has updated its support page to reflect details about the new feature. If you want to take advantage of this new Google Maps feature then make sure to follow the mentioned steps

Step 1: Go to Google Maps on Android

Step 2: Tap on Contribute >Events 

Step 3: As you reach the Event section, you may add public event.

You can add an event name, tag the location, and add the time and date of the event as well. There's an option to add an image, write more event details, and add description as well. 

If you want to make any changes in the saved public event details, then you may do so by heading to Contribute >Events >Select your event >Edit this event. Furthermore, you can also delete the event by clicking Contribute >Events >Edit this event >Delete this event. 

For now, there is no official declaration on when this feature will be available in all regions globally, or when Google plans to roll it out for iPhone users. 

On the other hand, Google has also reintroduced the city, state, and country borders on Maps for Android. The borders show up when a user types broad searches like a city, or a state, or a country. Earlier, the borders were highlighted with grey, but now, the area that you search is highlighted with red. 

Recently, Google Maps has rolled out a feature which let users report accidents and speed traps while navigating to their destinations.