Instagram launches pin comment feature on posts

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Instagram launches pin comment feature on posts
Instagram launches pin comment feature on posts

New Delhi : Instagram has officially launched its pinned comments feature that will allow users to pin up to three comments on a post. The chosen comments will always appear on top of the post, allowing users to control the tone of responses on a thread and moderate the ones that are abusive or negative in nature. 

Pin comment feature was first tested by the company in May and it has been officially rolled out on Tuesday. Coinciding with the test, the social media giant had also introduced a feature that would help a user delete comments in bulk in order to maintain a positive tone on their posts.

The pinned comments feature is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is swipe the desired comment to the left and you will see the options such as replying, reporting, or deleting the comment. On the far left, a new pushpin icon would appear that pins the comment to the top of thread.

The announcement of the new feature was made with a tweet from official account of Instagram.

The app had earlier introduced a feature that can delete up to 25 comments in one go. For iOS users, the option can be accessed from the dotted icon on the top right corner. 

Meanwhile, Instagram has also launched Reels in India which is being dubbed as the replacement of TikTok in the nation.