Install PUBG or any game on your mobile without using internet

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Install PUBG or any game on your mobile without using internet
Install PUBG or any game on your mobile without using internet

New Delhi : PUBG Mobile and several other games became more popular as the current pandemic situation kept people indoors and with less work to do. While the games are fun to play, it becomes hectic to download them due to their bulky size and less data allowance.

For an instance, most of the mobile internet plans offer 1 or 1.5 GB per day of data at high speed and then it reduces to 2G speed. PUBG Mobile is of 1.8 GB in size, so downloading it in one go may become a task for many unless or until you have a high speed unlimited data plan with you.

But there is nothing to worry about as we are here to share a tweak or hack with which you can enjoy the games without the worry of downloading them from the internet.

Please note, this hack is applicable on Android phones and iPhone users can enjoy reading how to do it.

All you who are using the Android phone need to find a friend who has already downloaded the game you want to play.

Once you have found a friend who has what you need, here’s what you do next -

- Download and install a file transfer agent like Files by Google or Superbeam. Your friend will also need to have the same file sharing app on their phone.

- Transfer the PUBG Mobile, or any other game’s, APK file from your friend’s device to your phone and install it.

- Once it is installed, open the app and let it try to find online files to make local folders on your smartphone.

- When the app has found thee online files, force close it.

- Next, you use your friend’s phone to transfer obb files to your device.

- To find these on your device go to Files, click on Android and then on the obb folder.

- From here you open the folder titled ‘com.tencent.ig’ and select ‘main.11460.comtencent.ig.obb’ file and send it to your phone. Depending on the version of the game your friend has, this file name will vary.

- After transferring the obb files, you need to transfer the “com.tencent.ig” folder on to your smartphone as well. You need to locate it under Files, then Android and under data.

- Now go to your file manager and replace the obb data and the game folder with the ones you just transferred from your friend’s phone.

- Open PUBG Mobile now and set up the game now by granting it the necessary permissions and logging in.

Happy Gaming!