Microsoft's AI-powered Bing makes mistakes: What to know

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Microsoft's AI-powered Bing makes mistakes: What to know (Image:
Microsoft's AI-powered Bing makes mistakes: What to know (Image:

Delhi : Google lost almost $100 billion in valuation as a result of a factual error discovered in the content of an ad made by its AI tool Bard. It appears that Microsoft's new Bing, which is powered by ChatGPT, is no exception. According to CNBC, Microsoft's ChatGPT-powered Bing did miss some figures when comparing the results of the two companies.

"Bing AI got certain responses utterly wrong during their demo," independent researcher Dmitri Brereton noted in a substack post. But no one noticed," he added, adding, "Instead, everyone hopped on the Bing hype train." Not only that, but there were several more errors in the search results for a vacation plan and vacuum cleaner specifications.

Again, even the researcher missed these flaws at first and only spotted them later when he attentively examined the search results.

This is known as hallucination in the world of "AI," where the language tool will create stuff up on its own when it lacks specified resources. According to the article, Microsoft and Google are hurrying to publish their version of AI in order to stay ahead of the competition, despite the fact that their AI technologies are far from ready for prime-time use.

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed to CNBC that the company was aware of the mistakes in the report analysed by AI-powered Bing and that the company is striving to improve the service by listening to user comments.

Both Microsoft and Google have some work to do on their AI search capabilities right now, or else the internet will be saturated with inaccurate information.