Mobile explosion kills Rajasthan man: Never do these things to your phone

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New Delhi : In a shocking incident, a 60-year-old man in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan was killed after his mobile phone exploded. The man, Kishore Singh, went to bed with the mobile phone in his vest pocket. Around 2:30 am, when he woke up, the mobile phone exploded suddenly and his clothes were in flames. The victim hardly got a minute to react when the fire got wild to hurt him. He was soon rushed to the hospital but declared dead on arrival. The incident has raised tension in the minds of mobile users. Talking to experts, we have come up with things you must never do to prevent such dreadful accidents.

Never sleep with your mobile phone under the pillow. Doing this may increase the temperature of the device by trapping heat and also exerts unnecessary pressure on the device. 

Never put mobile phone inside the chest pocket of a shirt or vest. The strong cellphone radiation is a bigger concern in case of mobile explosion. The device if kept in the shirt or vest pocket can cause fatal injuries to the upper portion of the body. 

Never keep your phone for overnight charging. Over charge may lead to sudden mobile battery explosion

Never keep mobile phones near flammable substances like clothes or near bed side while charging

Never use duplicate chargers or adapters of other phones to charge the battery.

Never opt for cheap duplicate replacement batteries and only go for manufacturer batteries.

Never charge a mobile phone while keeping it under direct sunlight.

Avoid charging your phone in power strip extension cord.

Avoid charging the battery of the mobile phone with the case or cover. Always remove it first.

Don’t repair your mobile phone at local repair shops. Only opt for authorised service centres.

Don’t buy used phones from random shops or unreliable people. Always go for certified refurbished models.

Stop using mobile phone of it starts getting warm.

Avoid using cheap power banks to charge your mobile phones.