Nishant Piyush, the founder of Prike Media, throws light on the advantage of digital PR

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Image: Nishant Piyush
Image: Nishant Piyush

New Delhi : He is a young digital marketing and entrepreneurial talent, turning people and businesses successful. 

The way the world has seen a surge in people choosing digital media and marketing over everything else is truly a sight to behold, looking at how these mediums have worked wonders for people, brands and businesses across niches. Understanding the power of the digital world and what it offers and utilizing the same to one's advantage in itself has become a thriving business which has led to the emergence of many new talents, digital marketers and PR experts. Nishant Piyush is one of these youngsters from India who is driven to making it huge across the UAE as well with his firm Prike Media. He explains that digital PR is something that people have now understood as a powerful and effective way to build their brand's and their own online presence and reach.

As contrary to the traditional forms of media, which took significant time to give the results people sought, digital PR is the need of the hour, says Nishant Piyush, who sees it as the future of the modern-day world, where people can scale their businesses and themselves and can reach to staggering heights with proper optimization of digital PR. Below, the youngster shares about the advantages of digital PR.

• Adds credibility: People trust those brands that show some credibility and this can be gained with the use of PR in online publications, which makes the brand more trustworthy in the eyes of the customers, ultimately increasing sales.

• Improves SEO: The more PR you engage with, the more publications run your story on the web, and the more people see you on their search results, the more visible the brand gets. Hence, with digital PR, their SEO results get improved, which instantly attracts the audiences' attention.

• Increases reputation: When brands get more visible on the web with digital PR, they automatically lead towards gaining more authority in their industry, which not only increases customer's trust but also the brand's reputation overall in their respective industries, highlights Nishant Piyush.

• It is measurable: What's amazing about digital PR is unlike traditional ways, it is measurable. People can always know about the views, shares and impressions on their content, which defines the success of a digital PR campaign.

• Helps gain customers: One good digital PR news content published on a prominent news publication reaches the audiences and many other potential customers. This ultimately helps the brand get more familiar with people, leading them to make more sales and acquire great customers.

Amongst the many digital marketing techniques, Nishant Piyush says that digital PR stands as a one of a kind digital technique that every brand and business looking out for great success must opt for. Nishant Piyush's Prike Media is gradually becoming a leader as a digital marketing firm that aces the game of digital PR for all its clients, giving them the success, they seek.