Karan Abbott: The real-life savior and hero in the global pandemic era

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(Image: Karan Abbott)
(Image: Karan Abbott)

New Delhi : This successful entrepreneur from London has emerged to save the people suffering from current situation in India.

The last year has been a year of suffering and panic for most of the people across the globe. The onset of the Covid-19 virus has not left any country on the map unaffected. Each and every country has been affected in some or the other way, people have not only lost their all-time savings but have also lost their loved ones in the process. Covid-19 by far has been one of the deadliest pandemic ever happened in the history of mankind. Experts suggests that this virus which is an extremely clever virus undergoes different types of mutations to survive in the human’s body and hence it is very tedious and a masculine task to get a control over it. One of the most badly hit countries in recent time has been India. The second wave of the virus has badly taken over the reins in the country affecting lacs and lacs of people and administrating double digit growth in active cases. 

With increasing cases, the demand of many essentials in India has grown up as well and so has the greed of humans. There has been a surge in demand for oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, Remdesivir injections, medicines like Fabiflu and most importantly hospital beds. The country is experiencing acute shortage of all these important requirements that is needed to save one’s life. But there have been some unconscionable people carrying out many unethical practices for easy money and taking full opportunity of current situation to fill up their bank accounts. The sad part and irony for India is that all these are available but are actually sold in black markets at 10 times the original cost of it. Thanks to some unsung heroes who are making every effort to reach and supply necessary medical necessities to the needy. One such amazing person who is taking it to the next level in helping people across Delhi is Karan Abbott, an established successful entrepreneur from London.

Karan Abbott who owns several companies in the field of Real Estate, finance and development, commodities and FX trading  has left no stone unturned in making many essential requirements reach the needy. He has been able to procure 70 oxygen concentrators and importing 100 more from London for many people infected by the virus in South and West Delhi which were being sold at 1.25 lacs/concentrator in black markets. 

Karan has been a selfless soul who has come forward to help the affected people in these tough times and sets a true example which proves that humanity is still alive. People like Karan who go beyond the line of duty has been the reason for many people’s lives and happiness. Many families in need have reached out to Karan for oxygen concentrators and he has been more than helpful to them.

Kudos to Karan Abbott for bringing about a positive change in these people’s life. We hope that real life heroes like him grow in abundance to help the needy.