Pokemon Go officially launched in India, Partners with Reliance Jio: Advanced Tips and tricks to make you pro

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Pokemon Go launched in India: Tips and tricks
Pokemon Go launched in India: Tips and tricks

New Delhi : The makers have now officially launched world's most talked-about game 'Pokemon Go' in India. The game has been launched in partnership with Reliance Jio.

Users can now enjoy the game by simply downloading it from play store (Android) and app store (iOS).

The game was launched six months back and had taken the world by storm. If you are planning to install and enjoy it, here are some tips and tricks to ensure you end up being a pro.

Here’s the complete list, which was compiled by u/xboxrecordat:

•    You can tap the “Oh?” screen with two fingers to skip the hatch animation (thanks u/Robdog777 and u/Fuzati)
•    Tapping on the “transfer succeeded” banner dismisses it
•    Clicking on the compass aligns the view with north, clicking again dynamically moves the view to align with where your phone is facing
•    Swiping up during a gym battle brings up the switch ‘mon screen
•    There is a slider at the side of the pokemon screen that allows you to scroll through the entire list without dragging up multiple times (thanks u/DynamoPro)
•    Press and hold the pokeball menu button then drag and release on whichever thing you want to open, saving an extra tap (thanks u/Handtuch1)
•    If you tap to the left or right of a Pokemon’s CP number when looking at its details, you will navigate to the previous or next Pokemon in the list (thanks u/Nriqg)
•    Tapping multiple Pokemon at once in the heal/revive screens heals/revives every Pokemon tapped, so you don’t have to heal/revive individually (thanks u/johnsmusicbox)
•    If you tap the appraisal screen with 1,2, or 3 fingers, it’ll skip that many screens. (thanks u/pppeeepppsssiii)
•    Evolving a Pokemon awards you with one candy. So if you have a Squirtle and 124 candy, you’ll have the 100 for a Blastoise after evolving to Wartortle. (thanks u/iliketoast714)
•    On the map screen tap once then quickly press and hold to zoom in and out by moving your finger up and down (during the hold), an alternative to pinch to zoom. (thanks u/chrissulli13)
•    Clicking the Candy icon in the buddy screen allows you to see your buddy’s CP/Moves/Total Candy Count. (Thanks u/maulpets)
•    When you delete a Pokémon’s name a press “OK” it will revert to its default name (Thanks u/Fuzati)
•    You can swipe through gym defenders while your team roster is up. (Thanks u/woodswims)
•    You don’t need to click “OK” on the Pokemon captured dialog, just click somewhere on the screen. This allows you to get out of the post capture screens quickly by tapping twice where the checkbox is on the stats screen. (Thanks u/Roro_chan)

So now you know the tricks. Go ahead and play the Pokemon Go game to stay ahead of all.