Spotify set to challenge YouTube music and TikTok with new features

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Spotify set to challenge YouTube music and TikTok with new features (Image:
Spotify set to challenge YouTube music and TikTok with new features (Image:

Delhi : Spotify, the well-known music streaming company, is considering adding full-length music videos to its collection in order to compete with YouTube Music and challenge TikTok's popularity. According to sources acquainted with the topic, Spotify intends to launch music videos, a strategic move that might greatly boost its market position.

Increasing Visual Experience

Spotify is in negotiations with multiple partners to add music videos into its platform, seeing the demand for a more immersive experience. This addition attempts to attract more Gen Z users away from YouTube and TikTok, which already provide strong support for music videos.

Audiophile Lossless Audio Streaming

In addition to music videos, Spotify is rumored to be contemplating the launch of lossless audio streaming, which will cater to audiophiles seeking superior sound quality. This feature is planned to be part of a higher-priced membership tier dubbed "Supremium," which was first announced in February 2021 as "Spotify HiFi" but has yet to be deployed. The premium plan is expected to launch later this year, with an initial focus on non-US areas.

Desktop Experience Upgrade

Spotify has also made major progress in improving the desktop user experience. The site was redesigned to provide users with a more smooth and engaging experience for exploring, curating, and organizing their music. 

The revamp features updated user interfaces for "Your Library" and "Now Playing," bringing Spotify's desktop experience in line with its mobile apps.

Making Spotify's Dominance More Firm

Spotify is committed to maintain its position as a prominent player in the music streaming market with these new changes on the horizon. Spotify hopes to give fans a more varied and rich musical experience on its platform by competing with industry heavyweights like YouTube Music and leveraging the steadily increasing popularity of TikTok.


Spotify's research into full-length music videos and lossless audio streaming demonstrates its dedication to improving the user experience as the market becomes more competitive. Spotify wants to reach a larger audience and keep its position as the top music streaming service, therefore it has added these features. Users may look forward to a more immersive audiovisual experience on Spotify in the near future.