Spotify's update: Feature limitations for Indian free users

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Spotify's update: Feature limitations for Indian free users (Images:
Spotify's update: Feature limitations for Indian free users (Images:

Delhi : The number of features that Spotify's subscribers may access under its free ad-tier plan will be restricted. This week, the service confirmed the modifications relating to playing tracks in a certain order, playing the preceding track, and more by sending pop-up alerts to Spotify subscribers in India.

Spotify guarantees that free users of the service may keep listening to their favorite artists, albums, and playlists and use Spotify's recommendation engine. In nations like India, it's probable that Spotify is steadily reducing the perks offered to free consumers.

The corporation is employing every trick in the book in order to get more consumers to pay for their premium service. In fact, we recently published an article on Spotify's desperate attempt to persuade users to pay to play the same music on repeat. In terms of new adjustments for Spotify free users, here's what the platform is now blocking for them starting this week:

Developers have made certain that customers are forced to purchase a subscription even if they perform the basic minimum that you would expect from any music site. When it comes to paying, there are two types of users: those who have already paid for Spotify Premium and others who believe that acquiring Apple Music or even YouTube Premium is a better value.

It's undeniable that Spotify has tried to charge consumers for additional services, but nothing has succeeded—at least not in India. According to reports, the business is even preparing to provide a more expensive subscription with perks like Hi-Fi audio soon.

Spotify needs to think beyond the 'push comes to shove' approach and pressuring consumers to pay for its services rather than simply providing a free service with no real substance or value if it wants to expand in India.