Technology in 2019: Biggest announcement of the year

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New Delhi : When it comes to tech world, the industry keeps on growing day by day. And, analysts say that 2019 will be the busiest year for biggest gadget announcement and launch. Take a look at what's coming up this year.

One of the year’s most important launches will be the introduction of 5G wireless networks, following years of tests and wild speculation. Vodafone and EE are among the UK carriers making aggressive claims over their capacity to lead the roll out of the next generation of mobile connectivity, which promises download speeds up to 1,000 times faster than current 4G, as AT&T became the first carrier to launch a 5G service in the US in late December.

Smartphone manufacturers will come up with 5G bandwagon, and Samsung and LG are expected to be among the first big names to launch the first handsets capable of taking advantage of the new speeds. LG is reported to have been working on a 5G-enabled version of its G7 ThinQ handset, while Samsung is expected to show off a new 5G Galaxy S10 with a fingerprint reader.

The year may witness foldable phones from the house of Samsung. The phone is rumoured to be called the Galaxy X, featuring a screen on both the outer ‘cover’ and inner ‘pages’ of the device

The other biggest phone launch of the year will belong to South Korean company’s biggest rival, Apple. The next iPhone is highly likely to be announced in September, and may be accompanied by a redesigned version of the company’s wireless AirPods headphones, the much-delayed AirPower charging mat and a second generation HomePod speaker.

Apple is likely to announce gadgets related to TV and film offerings in the first three months of the year, popularly a long-rumoured TV, music and news streaming platform.

Telsa is currently developing a Model Y electric car scheduled for reveal in March 2019, though the firm’s tendency for missing deadlines means we may have to wait a bit longer to get a proper look at the new small SUV.

If rumours are to be believed then Facebook is working on a camera designed to turn a TV in a larger version of its Portal video calling devices.