The buzz is real: iPhone 15 price expectations at upcoming apple's launch event

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The buzz is real: iPhone 15 price expectations at upcoming apple's launch event (Image: Apple)
The buzz is real: iPhone 15 price expectations at upcoming apple's launch event (Image: Apple)

Delhi : The most anticipated Apple event of 2023 is now just a few days away, and anticipation among fans is growing as information about the costs and specifications of these new devices is almost constantly leaked online. According to rumors, the iPhone 15 models could cost more than their iPhone 14 series forebears. Price increases might startle prospective purchasers, but this year's iPhone is delivering a variety of new features that can potentially entice them to spend more money. See the prices for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max that have been leaked below.

September 12 is the day of the Apple launch event. According to sources, two new smartwatches, the Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, as well as four different iPhone 15 models will be unveiled. To have a better understanding, let's look at their price for the new iPhones.

iPhone 15 cost

Apple releases a new generation of iPhones every year, garnering a ton of interest from enthusiasts all over the world. Because of the significant enhancements, the iPhone 15 models have generated a lot of buzz this year. As a result, we could anticipate a price increase that would make them more expensive than the iPhone 14 models.

Leaks in recent weeks have indicated that the price of the iPhone 15 Pro versions could increase by between $100 and $200. This may be the case given that the Pro editions feature a number of novel innovations that users may find appealing.

Let's first take a look at how much the iPhone 14 models cost to get a better idea of how Apple sets the price bar. The entry-level iPhone 14 devices cost $799 and $899 in the US. The cost of the iPhone 14 Pro was $999, while the price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max was $1,099.

According to a previous rumor from Tom's Guide, the price of the next iPhone 15 models will increase by 12% to 20%. Now it asserts that the price of the iPhone 15 standard models might not increase significantly. As a result, the pricing of the iPhone 15 may start at $799 and that of the iPhone 15 Plus at $899.

The cost of the iPhone 15 Pro models, however, is anticipated to increase. A Weibo leak suggests that the Pro models' pricing may rise by $100. As a result, we may anticipate that the iPhone 15 Pro will cost approximately $1,099 and the iPhone 15 Pro Max will cost approximately $1,199. Because of the unique periscope camera that is widely anticipated to be included in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the price may potentially increase by $200.

Please take note that the pricing listed above are only estimates; the precise information will be provided at the Apple event on September 12, 2023.