These 15 Android apps fooled millions worldwide

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Lately, malware researcher Lukas Stefanko revealed that his team has found 15 fake Android apps with over 50 million downloads that simply makes money through ads and nothing more. “These apps just open Google Maps or use their API without any additional value for user, except for displaying ads. Some of them don't even have proper app icon,” said Stefanko. He also found that there are some fake GPS apps which ask for money even to remove the ads. If you are using any of these 15 Android apps then you should immediately uninstall them from phone:

  • Voice GPS direction
  • GPS Route Finder
  • GPS Route Tracker
  • GPS Maps & Navigation
  • Maps GPS Navigation
  • Live Earth Map
  • Live Earth Map & Satellite
  • Traffic updates: GPS free maps
  • Free GPS, Maps & Navigation
  • GPS Satellite maps
  • Free GPS Maps- Star Play Creations
  • GPS Street View- Maps Go
  • Voice GPS Driving- Delta raza apps
  • GPS Live Street Maps
  • Free GPS Traffic updates

By deleting the above mentioned fake apps you can assure that your personal information is not getting leaked. There are some apps which take away your details without even informing you and track your activities, as well. Also, based on choice and details gathered they hit users with ads so that they make money out of doing nothing. 

Be careful!