This USD 50,000 helmet can read human mind

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Image Credit: Bloomberg
Image Credit: Bloomberg

New Delhi : In coming few weeks, a company named Kernel will be sending dozens of its customers across the U.S. a $50,000 helmet that can read their mind.

The helmet weighs a couple of pounds and with the help of several sensors and electronics it measures and analyze a brain's electrical impulses and blood flow at the speed of thought, providing a window into how the organ responds to the world.

The technology has been available for a long time but so far it was in the room-sized machines and it would have costed millions of dollars and requires patient to sit still in a clinical setting.

The company has managed to compile all of it a in a helmet that can be wore by anyone while working. Excited researchers anticipate using the helmets to gain insight into brain aging, mental disorders, concussions, strokes, and the mechanics behind previously metaphysical experiences such as meditation and psychedelic trips. "To make progress on all the fronts that we need to as a society, we have to bring the brain online," says Bryan Johnson, who's spent more than five years and raised about $110 million-half of it his own money-to develop the helmets.

Johnson is the chief executive officer of Kernel, a startup that's trying to build and sell thousands, or even millions, of lightweight, relatively inexpensive helmets that have the oomph and precision needed for what neuroscientists, computer scientists, and electrical engineers have been trying to do for years: peer through the human skull outside of university or government labs.

Image and Story information source: Bloomberg