CBSE to declare Class 10 results on July 20 and Class 12 results on July 31

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CBSE Building (Image Instagrammed by @cbse_official_)
CBSE Building (Image Instagrammed by @cbse_official_)

New Delhi : The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Thursday announced that the results for Class 10 and Class 12 will be declared on July 20 and July 31 respectively.

Earlier in the day, the board submitted its evaluation criteria for awarding marks to the Class 12 students in the Supreme Court.

Speaking to ANI, Examination Controller of CBSE Sanyam Bhardwaj said, "Our efforts are that Class 10 CBSE results will be declared by July 20 and Class 12 results will be declared by the July 31, so that students who want to go for study in a foreign country do not suffer."

Explaining the evaluation criteria submitted in Supreme Court, the Examination Controller told ANI: "There are odd circumstances in front of us and examinations are not being held and without that we have to declare the result. Then the students should be properly evaluated. The situation is known, that's why we have formed a committee. We have developed a criterion so that when the results come out it reflects similar result as students have obtained had there been examinations."

For the students who will not be satisfied with their exam results, the board will be making arrangements for reappearing in the exam physically once the circumstances get better. 

"Our effort is to bring out the result as soon as possible. If any student is not satisfied with the exam result then the registration for the exam will start soon. And as soon as time is suitable we will try to allocate examination centers. With COVID-19 protocol in place we will try to conduct a physical examination," said Bhardwaj. 

"I want to assure the students that there is absolutely no need to worry. If a student thinks that his result can be like this, then he should note down his own belief and when the result is out he can match the result and he will find that his result is better than his expectations. The students will not suffer any loss," Bhardwaj added.