TikTok in US can be saved only with this

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TikTok in US can be saved only with this (Image: Twitter)
TikTok in US can be saved only with this (Image: Twitter)

New Delhi : The anti-China sentiment across the world has massively impacted the social media application TikTok, which is facing a ban in India and a similar action in the US is awaited.

There are reports that Microsoft is interested in buying the TikTok and save it from getting disappeared.

The founder of ByteDance, the Chinese social media giant behind TikTok, on Wednesday said a deal with Microsoft was the “only way” to prevent the popular video app from getting banned in the United States, BBC reported. Zhang Yiming said that those critical of the acquisition do not see the "full context".

Microsoft on Monday said that they are in talks with Bytedance to buy parts of TikTok after US President Donald Trump reversed course on a plan to ban the video app on national security grounds.

Donald Trump said that it would stop ban on TikTok if it gets sold to an American owner and gave Microsoft 45 days to strike a deal.

However, people in China have massively criticized the announcement.

In a letter to the company’s Chinese staff, Zhang acknowledged the criticism but claimed that "many people misunderstand the current, complex situation". "As a company, we have to abide by the laws of the markets where we operate," he said. "It feels like the goal was not necessarily a forced sale, but given the current macro situation, a ban or even more."