WhatsApp animated stickers: How to use them?

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WhatsApp animated stickers: How to use them?
WhatsApp animated stickers: How to use them?

New Delhi : In a recent update WhatsApp has officially rolled out animated stickers for both Android and iOS users. The current users can check them out right now. But before that just make sure that your application is updated to the latest version.

If you are looking for the animated stickers then they will be available at the place where WhatsApp keeps all its stickers.

Once you are ready to go, here’s what you must do next -

- Open any chat on WhatsApp and tap on the emoji button.

- Select the stickers option and click on the ‘+’ icon.

- Here, you’ll find the list of sticker packs that are available for download.

- The new animated stickers have a play button on top so they are easier to identify.

- To download these animated sticker packs simply tap on the down arrow icon.

- Once it’s downloaded you’ll see them appear in the sticker tab and you can use them just like you use your normal non-animated stickers.

The users can also save stickers they receive from their friends on the social media platform. Currently, WhatsApp has a very limited stock of stickers but it is expected that this will be expanded soon for better experience.