WhatsApp Gold is back again: Beware of this malware

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : WhatsApp Gold which went viral is back again. It's a hoax which gives hidden premium features to the users who downloads it anyway. The malware when enters onto the phone, creates chaos making things complicated.

Tech source confirms that WhatsApp Gold is doing rounds once again. In 2016, certain messages were sent to user's phone asking them to download the update. However, WhatsApp updates are through the app itself, and not through a message sent to them. In 2016, it hoax reportedly promised that it allows users to video chat, to send 100 pictures at the same time, and delete messages after hours. Actually there is nothing of the sort. It is actually a virus.

The message doing the rounds presently is:

"Today the radio was talking about WhatsApp Gold and it is true. There is a video that will be released tomorrow on WhatsApp and is called Martinelli. Do not open it. Enter your phone and nothing you do will fix it. Spread the message if you know someone. If you receive a message to update Whatsapp Gold Do not open it! They just announced that the virus is serious. Send it to everyone.”

The kind of aforesaid messages is creating fearful atmosphere, doesn’t have any malware link attached to it.

WhatsApp has earlier confirmed that it has nothing to do with them. “Plus have no relationship with WhatsApp and we do not support WhatsApp Plus,” the company said, according to the Evening Standard.

Conversely, many people took twitter to warn others and sharing the viral messages at high rate.

IT security company Sophos says, “it’s only half rubbish. It’s a cocktail of one shot of bogus and one shot of authentic “yikes!” The team cleared that there is nothing like Martinelli video but one should be aware of WhatsApp Gold.