WhatsApp Updates 2019: Top 10 changes you should know

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WhatsApp Updates 2019: 10 changes you should know
WhatsApp Updates 2019: 10 changes you should know

New Delhi : WhatsApp in 2018 came up with several new features that made messaging easier and fun. Conversely, we have seen some features which are under tests in different beta versions on iOS and Android platforms.

As we have welcomed 2019, there are some WhatsApp updates which may be effective in the coming days.

Consecutive Voice Messages:

This feature will allow WhatsApp users on Android smartphones to continuously play consecutive voice messages. It will be functional when two or more voice messages are detected by WhatsApp. 

Sticker Search:

WhatsApp search sticker feature could prove to be really useful for users as it will let them search for the desired sticker easily. The search feature for the sticker is said to arrive soon as it is there for emojis and gifs as well.

Vacation or Silent mode:

Vacation Mode is under works in the iOS app. It is said to be based on the ‘Silent mode’ that has already started rolling out to a few customers. This feature archives the muted chats for as long as the user wants.

WhatsApp Linked accounts: 

This new feature in WhatsApp will let you link your account with external services. It is aimed for the WhatsApp Business app however some references have been discovered in the regular app as well, according to WABetaInfo. 

Dark Mode: 

The Dark Mode feature will turn the background of the WhatsApp chat dark. Been under works since a while now, the feature will be similar to what we have on popular apps like YouTube, Twitter, Google Maps and even Google Messages among others. This upcoming feature was spotted on both Android and iOS platforms.

Share contact info via QR:

The ‘Share contact info via QR’ feature has been designed to share contact information easily. It will help you to generate a QR code that will include your contact information. Once this QR code is shared, WhatsApp will automatically fill all fields and the contact will be added in users' address book. It will work similar to the Nametag feature, which was rolled out on Instagram recently. 

Multi-share Files: 

With the help of this feature, WhatsApp users will be able to share a file (PDF, audio, etc) with two or more contacts from another application. This feature will also give users a preview of the message before it is sent out. 

View videos directly in the push notification: 

No doubt, this new feature will save time otherwise required to open the app and watch the video content. Spotted in iOS, this feature will allow WhatsApp users to play videos they receive in the push notification itself and eliminate the need to open the chat.

Ranking of contacts:

As the name suggests, this feature will allow users to rank their contacts on basis of their interaction with them. As spotted by WABetaInfo, good ranking would mean if there is an exchange of media, simple text messages will be ranked as average ranking and ignoring the message would be counted as bad ranking. 

Add contact within WhatsApp:

This feature will allow users to add contacts within WhatsApp itself. Once this feature is rolled out, WhatsApp will allow you to choose the country where the contact number you want to add and WhatsApp will automatically insert the country code, following which you can insert the phone number.