WhatsApp OTP Scam: What is it? How to prevent yourself?

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WhatsApp (Image: Pexels.com)
WhatsApp (Image: Pexels.com)

New Delhi : WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world, with a great potential of getting trapped in manipulated frauds.

A new type of scam has surfaced in with hackers taking control of your friend's account and luring you to get the OTP under an impression of trust.

What is this scam?

In the WhatsApp OTP scam, the hacker sends you a message claiming to be your friend. To grab your immediate attention, the fraudster describes some kind of emergency.

After providing assurance of being your friend, the hacker will ask for an OTP, who the scamster describes as an accidental forward. The scammers will send multiple messages to lure you to forward the OTP. 

As soon as the OTP reaches the fraudster, he will lock you out of your account and he will be able to get the access of all your messages, contacts and groups.

The hacker may also request monetary help from your dear ones. The chain of event gets multiplied once the scammer hacks into your account.

How to prevent yourself from WhatsApp OTP scam?

Enabling the two-factor verification can make you safe from a probable fraud. Also, before making any monetary help, one should always meet and speak to the person concerned.

And the best way to avoid such things is not share OTP with anyone.