WhatsApp users can now control who can add them to groups

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Representational Image

New Delhi : Facebook-owned WhatsApp keeps on surprising its users with new updates every now and then. For now, the team is working on a new feature which will allow users to control if they want to be added to a specific group. As per leaked information, the technique is more like an invitation control mechanism that will let users decide who can add them to a WhatsApp group. Currently, the feature is under closed beta testing phase on iPhone and is expected to be expanded to more users soon.

What is WhatsApp Group Invitation?

WhatsApp group invitation is a feature which is limited to the app's iPhone version as of now since it is under Test Flight Program mode. Engineers confirmed that the feature will soon hit the android smartphone. It is currently in an inactive mode and therefore cannot be accessed by the users. In future, it will find space in the “Privacy” section, which can be accessed by following this path on WhatsApp's iPhone client: Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.

WhatsApp group invitation option will allow users to choose between three variables and will come into play when a WhatsApp group admin wants to add them to a group. The first option “Everyone” will let anyone add the user to a group, without the need for an invite. The second option “My Contacts” will only allow an admin, who is in the users' contact list, to add the user to his/ her group. Others will have to send the user an invitation, which the user can then choose to accept or decline.

There will be a 'Nobody' option which will block everyone from adding users to a WhatsApp group. By enabling this option, admin of a particular group has to send a group invitation in order to add users to a WhatsApp group. And, users need to take the final call within 72 hours of receiving before the invitation request expires. However, the users will be able to join a WhatsApp group via a group link invite irrespective of their group invitation settings.