Where To Play Carrom Game & Earn Real Money Online

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Where To Play Carrom Game & Earn Real Money Online
Where To Play Carrom Game & Earn Real Money Online

New Delhi : Where To Play Carrom Game & Earn Real Money Online

Do you love playing carrom board online? Who doesn’t? But did you know, Carrom is said to have been invented in India? Yes, you read that right. Once a popular indoor game is now one of the most played online games. Traditionally played on a wooden board or a glass board by the elite, this skill and strategy board game has stood the test of time. You may definitely miss powdering the board and using different strikers to try your luck, but carrom board online has its perks too. You can win the queen and real cash too! If all of this has got you excited, read through to know more about how to play carrom online and earn real cash. 

About Carrom 

Did you know that 23rd August is celebrated as International Carrom Day? The word ‘Carrom’ means strike and rebound and it is categorized as a table sport or a board game. Known to have been invented for the Indian royalty, carrom is a one-of-a-kind board game. This 4-player game is played on a board with 4 pockets and several white, black pucks. In most places, these black and white pucks are called carrom men. A red/pink puck placed in the center of the board is called the Queen. Usually, whoever wins the queen along with its cover, also wins the game.To win, a player must get the highest number of pucks or the queen along with its cover.

Different types of carrom board online

You will be surprised to know that there exist about six different types of carrom boards online. Some of these are:

Total Point:This is the most common type, where all four players play to win the Queen.

Family Point: This type of carrom board online is played usually between an odd number of people. The other rules remain the same. 

Black and White Carrom: In this game, a player cannot score more than 21 points out of a game of 29 points.

Point Carrom: This type of carrom online is played to win the game by scoring 21 points faster than the other players.

Professional Carrom: This type of carrom online is played by appointing specific colors of pucks to players, which they must pocket to win. 

Business Carrom: This type of carrom is played by winnings and buying specific areas of the board, something similar to monopoly. 

Where to play carrom online? 

If you want to play carrom online, you can download any of the top carrom board apps for iOs and android.

Download the Rush App if you want to win cash and play carrom board online

It is available for both iOs and android.

Carrom Freestyle is a fast and fun carrom board online game where you can show off your skills and earn real money. 

The more you win, the more you can earn. 

These are other interesting games in the Rush Gaming Universe such as Speed Ludo, Call Break, Fruit Fight, Brick Smash, Disc Football and more. 

How to play carrom online?

Carrom online is one of the easiest games to learn and play. You can become better at it by playing more and developing your own shots and tricks. To play: 

To hit, you must use the striker to push the targeted puck into the pocket.

With each puck you score, you earn points.

For black and white pucks, you score 10 and 20 points respectively.

If you pocket the queen, you get 50 points.

But make sure, the queen is won along with its cover.

It is a foul if you pocket a striker or the last puck before the queen.

In that case, you must pay a penalty of a puck.

To win the game, you must score the maximum winning points before your opponent. 

Commonly used terms in carrom board online

While playing carrom online, you will come across these terms quite often.

Puck: The coloured pieces; Black, White & Red that you must pocket. 

Striker: The circular disc used to push the pucks across the board into the pockets.

Pockets: The 4 empty spaces at the corners of the board, where the pucks need to be pushed to win points.

Play carrom online and earn real cash

If you want to create a parallel source of earnings by playing carrom board online, you are in for a treat. If you play on the Rush App, you get:

Real cash: You play the game, you earn cash.

Daily rewards & bonuses: To help you win more, you get daily cash and bonuses.

Withdraw the money earned: Withdraw winnings instantly into your UPI account.

Real competition: The app has no bots, only real players.

More about the Rush App

It is RNG-certified: RNG or Random Number Generator-certified means that the game platform is completely random and unbiased. As a result, all players win using only their skills.

No cheating or fraud on the platform: Cheating is not tolerated on Rush. Users guilty of cheating are blocked from playing games and withdrawing cash. They also lose their wallet balance and winnings from the games where they cheated.

Trips and tricks to play carrom online

Play Carrom Freestyle on the Rush and follow these tips and tricks to win and earn real cash. 

Don’t miss turns: If you miss turns, you miss the chance to pocket pucks and win extra turns to play.

Aim to win more white bucks: Every white puck gets you 20 points, so aim for more of those. Even if you don’t win the queen, you may win by pocketing maximum white pucks.

Avoid committing fouls: With every foul, you have to pay the penalty and you lose a chance, so avoid that to win the game.

How to download carrom board online?

To play Carrom Freestyle online, download the Rush app:

On Android:

If you are using a desktop/laptop, enter your phone number to get a download link via sms.

Tap on the link to download and open the .apk file. 

If you are using a mobile device, tap on the 'Download Rush App' button.

Tap to open the file.

Click 'Install'. If you see a warning, visit ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Allow from this source’.

Sign up on Rush by entering your mobile number and 4-digit OTP received.

Set your Rush Avatar using a selfie or choose from the gallery.

Claim your Sign-up bonus and start playing!

On iOS:

Visit the App Store.

Search for 'Rush - Play Games, Win Cash'.

Tap on the 'Get' icon.

Sign up on Rush by entering your mobile number and 4-digit OTP received.

Set your Rush Avatar using a selfie or choose from the gallery.

Claim your Sign-up bonus and start playing!

Download carrom board online now and get playing! Happy winnings!