Wings Urbana smartwatch with bluetooth calling arrives in India

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Wings Urbana smartwatch with bluetooth calling arrives in India (Image:
Wings Urbana smartwatch with bluetooth calling arrives in India (Image:

Delhi : The Wings Urbana, the newest smartwatch from Wings Lifestyle, was just revealed in India. A 2.01-inch big HD display and Bluetooth calling capabilities are included with the smartwatch. The main characteristics, cost, and accessibility of this new smartwatch are covered in this article.

Key Elements

  • 2.01-inch screen size

The Wings Urbana stands out from other smartwatches on the market thanks to its 2.01-inch big HD display. The display has a 2.5D curved design and is square in shape.

  • Calling through Bluetooth

The Wings Urbana's Bluetooth calling functionality is one of its notable features. Calls can now be placed and answered directly from the smartwatch.

  • Individualized Watch Faces

The smartwatch has over 100 interchangeable watch faces, enabling users to customize their gadgets to suit their tastes.

  • Different Sports Modes

Additionally, the device has more than 130 sports modes, making it a flexible option for athletes.

  • Additional Characteristics

1. Multicolored silicone straps

2. Metallic surface

3. Made in India

Cost and accessibility

You can buy the Wings Urbana smartwatch on a number of online stores, including Flipkart. The product comes with a 30-day replacement guarantee, however the pricing information has not yet been confirmed.


Main Points

  • There is a sizable 2.01-inch HD display on the Wings Urbana.
  • Bluetooth calling is supported by the smartwatch.
  • There are 130 sports modes and more than 100 interchangeable watch faces.
  • The product has a 30-day replacement policy and is offered for purchase online.

A promising addition to India's expanding selection of smartwatches is the Wings Urbana. It provides a complete package for tech-savvy customers with its huge display, Bluetooth calling capability, and different sports modes. If you're looking for a product created in India that has a lot of features, keep an eye out for this smartwatch.