YouTube new update: YouTube's New AI Tool answers queries

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YouTube new update: YouTube's New AI Tool answers queries
YouTube new update: YouTube's New AI Tool answers queries

Delhi : The best entertainment and knowledge source and video-watching website YouTube, which is owned by Google, has been testing a new conversational artificial intelligence (AI) tool that will allow users to get recommendations and answers to questions about the videos while watching without pausing playback.

Access of this tool is still limited

The AI tool is now accessible to a limited number of users on a selection of videos. In the upcoming weeks, YouTube Premium subscribers in the US and on Android devices will be able to experience the feature, which will include the video, for widespread use.

"If you're a part of the experiment, you can access the tool by tapping 'Ask' beneath select videos and begin by asking questions about the video or choosing a suggested prompt," YouTube stated in an official blog post. Additionally, it has been stated that the conversational AI tool is testing a different AI component that will aid in summarising YouTube video comment conversations.

"We're experimenting with AI that organises large comment sections of long-form videos into easily digestible themes," said YouTube, in an effort to make it easier for users to comprehend and join in comment threads.

New AI feature: How to use it?

When users access the comment area on their Android smartphone, they will see a new option that is arranged by Topics on some selective videos.

How can you utilise these summaries of comments?

The comment summaries will be used, to rapidly enter into discussions about the videos' comments. According to the officials, users may also get ideas for new material by discussing and drawing from the viewers.