Ahmadi mosque attack on Id-e-Milad: What actually happened, how Pakistan reacted?

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Ahmadi mosque attack
Ahmadi mosque attack

Los Angeles : Pakistan’s Punjab Province was on Monday hit by a brutal attack on the peaceful day of Islam's Prophet Mohammad’s birthday.

Several thousands of protestors stormed a mosque belonging to the minority Ahmadi sect and fired at worshipers on the peaceful day.

The firing wounded several before Pakistan police arrived at the scene and dispersed the attackers.

An Ahmadi spokesman told media, nearly two thousand Sunni Muslims entered the Ahmadi mosque and hurled stones, bricks and firing weapons.

According to the Ahmadi minority beliefs, a follower followed prophet, however, the view runs counter to the Muslim religion's central belief that Mohammad was the last of God's messengers.

In 1974, Ahmadis according to a Pakistani law were declared non-Muslims, in fact they can be even put behind bars for acting like Muslims.

In today’s incident, the police even tried to distract the attackers but failed because of slim deployment.

Police believes that the attackers likely attacked the mosque because they suspected the worshippers were breaking the law by commemorating the birthday of the prophet Mohammad.