Alaska Airlines pilot drugged, raped by a captain

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Alaska Airlines pilot drugged, raped by a captain
Alaska Airlines pilot drugged, raped by a captain

Seatles : An Alaska Airlines pilot has alleged a captain of first giving her a drug and then raping her during her three-day project with him.

The incident had happened in June last year. Co-pilot Betty Pina was allegedly offered a glass of wine by the captain post which she found herself naked in a vomit soaked bed. She has allegedly filed a lawsuit against the airlines.

In the lawsuit, Pina, a 39-year-old military veteran, has blamed Airlines of allowing the pilot to drug, rape her and not taking any action to her complaint. As per lawsuit claims, the captain is still employed with the airlines.

"How many other victims are out there? I may not be the first case, but I hope to be the last," Pina told the Seattle Times. "It's time to take responsibility. The culture needs to change."

The captain's "grossly abusive actions epitomize the necessity and purpose" of the #MeToo movement, the lawsuit says.

She also tried to confront the pilot to find what happened with her; he denied any sexual contact, and said, "You were coming on to me pretty hard," according to the lawsuit.

The comment from captain of the allegations is yet to be filed.