America's doomsday, Trump Protest and more! 5 aftermaths of US Elections 2016

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US elections aftermath
US elections aftermath

Los angeles : The Unites States of America Presidential elections are over, Donald Trump is the elected leader and Hillary Clinton has conceded defeat but the news is far from over!

After the elections, usually the dust of campaigns and bamboozling gets over, but with each passing day, the news surrounding US elections 2016 is getting worse.

At a time when the world looks forward to America for peace and development, the nation is getting in the grip of new political events. Some are newsy, others good intentions while remaining are distant cries.

Let us take a look at the 5 important elements that are rocking social media after US elections 2016:

Trump Protest: People across America in a fit of rage are demonstrating against Donald Trump and in support of Hillary Clinton. Rallies have been gathering in all prominent cities of US following outrage after Trump was elected as President.

New Obama doing rounds: In the wake of the news Donald Trump has been voted President-elect of the United States, people are already turning their attention to the next President and who is the best guess, Well, yes, Michelle Obama is the hot favourite.

America’s Doomsday: Baba Vanga (blind psychic), also known as the 'Nostradamus from the Balkans', predicted 9/11 and the rise of Islamic State. She also forecast that the 44th President would be African-American and the last of USA. Interestingly, Barack Obama, the 44th President of US, technically remains president until Donald Trump is sworn in on January 20, 2017. 

Call for Clexit: "Calexit" (California exit) is swiftly taking over social media especially after Donald Trump won the race to the White House with people recalling Brexit, Britain's push to leave the European Union.

Rush for Canada: No joke, the Canadian immigration website crashed on Tuesday while America watched its most historic Presidential Elections 2016. As soon as Republican candidate Donald Trump was elected President, apparently many people looked forward to leave America. According to report, more that 10 million queries were made by Americans to enter Canada.