Shocking! Catholic Priest puts an aborted foetus on altar, appeals for Donald Trump ahead of US elections 2016

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Priest anti-abortion appeal
Priest anti-abortion appeal

Los angeles : In shocking news, a reverent father of a Church showed and aborted foetus to the mass and laid it upon an altar on Sunday while posting a live video on Facebook.


The video which was watched nearly 2, 50,000 times raise serious questions on the antiabortion and political activism in the church.

Pavone, a Catholic priest who heads New York-based Priests for Life, said that the foetus was entrusted to him by a pathologist for burial. He also showed up a poster of graphics of abortion procedures and appealed on Facebook, “we have to decide if we will allow this child killing to continue in America or not. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic platform says yes, let the child-killing continue (and you pay for it); Donald Trump and the Republican platform says no, the child should be protected.”

The act has been called a complete violation of Catholic Church canon law, which states that the altar is “reserved for divine worship alone, to the exclusion of any secular usage.”

Interestingly, Pavone is a high-profile antiabortion activist who has clashed with leadership within the Catholic Church. In 2014, Cardinal Timothy Dolan cut ties with the priest and said the archdiocese does not have a relationship with Pavone and has no comment on the video.

Notably, Trump in his campaigns has actively supported antiabortion agendas. The GOP candidate also suggested that women who have abortions should be punished, a statement he later retracted.

One may also note and in this election season, the Catholics have been very divided especially along racial lines. 

A recent Washington Post/ABC News tracking poll found that 48 percent of Catholics were polling for Hillary Clinton while 44 percent favoured Trump.

Apparently, the election results prove that Catholic vote proved to be a boon for Donald Trump, who was elected the 45th President of United States of America on November 9.