Another spoon spotted on Mars- could this be hint of a lost civilization?

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Spoon on Mars
Spoon on Mars

Los Angeles : Adding to another edition of life on Mars, ASA on Thursday mentioned that they may have found an exciting clue in the ongoing search for life on the Red Planet.

“A large spoon” is what conspiracy theorists are now believing another life proof on Mars. They think that the ‘kitchen utensil’ is just another clue.

The spoon was spotted by an eagle-eyed viewer in images of the Red Planet’s sand-like surface and since then notions of ‘what else’ has given in to a new range of questions.

Notably, it is a second time that a ‘spoon’ has been discovered by conspiracy theorists on Mars. In fact, many earthly items have been related with the Red planet including a woman, monk, rings, gloves etc.

Some believe that this could be a sign that our space neighbours are far more developed than we first thought?

The story first went viral after NASA rover appeared to show a spoon on Mars.

The video was then uploaded to YouTube by an account named ‘UFO Hunter’, who believes that the spoon might actually be a leftover by an earlier lost civilisation’.

One viewer wrote, ‘Wow, it couldn’t possibly be natural, could it’, while another added, ‘Considering this is the second spoon they have found, this could be a sign of intelligent life.’

The first ‘floating’ spoon was spotted on Mars back in 2015.