Lock your phones properly! Daughter uses sleeping mom's fingerprint to buy toys

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Girl unlocks mother's phone for shopping
Girl unlocks mother's phone for shopping

Los Angeles : Parents are often advised to consider password-protecting their phones. The tip will come even more handy after listening to this story.

In a shocking story, a six-year-old Arkansas girl’s mother on Thursday told media that her daughter used her fingerprint to unlock her iPhone and buy $250 worth of Pokemon toys on Amazon- all the while she was sleeping.

The incident happened when Bethany Howell of Maumelle, Arkansas, fell asleep on the couch when her daughter performed the action.

Bethany was exhausted and felt asleep after tucking her daughter in. Soon enough, Ashlynd Howell used her sleeping mother’s fingerprint to unlock her iPhone and went on shopping spree. She purchased Pokemon toys on Amazon.

According to the mother, ‘We laid there and two minutes into the movie I fell asleep because I was wiped out. On this occasion, my phone was sitting on the coffee table next to the couch. Ashlynd picked it up and used my thumb to open the phone. Instead she decided to open Amazon. I didn’t know she knew what Amazon was. We thought someone had hacked our account, but when I noticed that all of the gifts were addressed to my home, it dawned on me that my clever daughter may be responsible. I asked her if she was on my phone looking at Pokemon and she said Yeah, mommy, I was shopping.’

The mother also confirmed that she has allowed her daughter to use her mobile device before in order to log in to apps like YouTube or Netflix.

She also learned that the daughter was able to fill all the details by herself following autopay options and the mother’s details are already saved in the system as she is a regular Amazon Prime subscriber.

The next day, Bethany was shocked to look at her Amazon account and discover that someone had bought 13 Pokemon gifts for a total of $250.

Similar incidents have been reported in the past too. In August, a diplomat beat his wife and was arrested later after it was revealed that the woman uncovered her husband’s affair by using his fingerprint to unlock his phone as he slept.