Bizarre: Father and son set to marry in US- but it is not what you think!

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father and son marry
father and son marry

Los Angeles : In a bizarre news, a gay man adopted his partner of 46 years to marry him and now their wish have come true as they have been finally allowed to marry each other.

79-year-old Nino adopted 69-year-old Roland back in 2012 because they wanted to get married but had no protection as same-sex marriage wasn’t legalised in the US.

However, recently, a Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that they can dissolve the adoption and get married.

If you are finding the issue a little bizarre then stop worrying as it was a common practice for couples to ‘adopt’ one another before same-sex marriage was legalized.

Now the gay man fights to overturn adoption so the pair can wed following legalization.

According to the state judge’s rule the couple can't marry while legally still father and son. Hence, an adoption is difficult to overturn.

Judge Susan Peikes Gantman, president of the three-judge Superior Court panel, said: ‘Pennsylvania law regarding same sex marriage [has] changed; same-sex couples in this Commonwealth may now exercise their fundamental right to marry. Therefore, where a same-sex couple, who previously obtained an adult adoption, now seeks to annul or revoke the adoption in order to marry, the Orphans’ court has the authority to annul or revoke the adult adoption.’

For those who don’t know, same-sex marriage officially became legal in all 50 US states in 2015 but the couple was unable to plan marriage according to their wishes as they were legally father and son.


Nino and Roland have called the decision a ‘wonderful Christmas gift’.