In Boston plane makes emergency landing due to faulty coffee machine

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Boston : A flight with 233 passengers on board made an emergency landing in Boston after smoke burst out from coffee making machine due to overheating and the crew failed to switch it off. 

The Airbus A330-300, which had taken off from Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia, was heading for Munich.

According to report, crew alerted ground staff after passengers notified them about burning smell. The incident happened on September 8, but the details have just emerged.


# A Lufthansa airplane made an emergency landing after passengers reported about burning smell in the cabin.

# Smoke was detected from coffee making machine, crew failed to switch it off.

# A spokesperson for the Germany-based airline said the malfunction produced a "strong electrical smell".

# "The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground in Boston for 16 hours, then continued the flight and reached Munich with a delay of 18 hours," it said.

# According to spokesperson, technicians checked and confirmed that the burning smell was coming from the coffee making machine due to overheating.

# The incident originally happened on September 8, but the reports have now emerged.