British Airways wants you to swallow a ‘digital pill’ to know your medical condition

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British Airways
British Airways

Los Angeles : British Airways will now soon be using a digital pill to collect information about passengers’ internal health.

The British airways has also filed a patent to create the edible device. This device will help monitor patients and their stomach acidity levels, enabling crews to change their in-flight menu accordingly.

Weird isn’t’ it?

It means that passengers will have to swallow ‘ingestible sensors’ just to help the airline improve the overall travel experience. Is it worth it?

The move has sparked criticism especially after it was revealed that the step will be part of their patent application for a ‘system and method for controlling the travel environment for a passenger’.

The idea was published by the Intellectual Property Office. The pill is likely to gather details on temperature, sleep phase and heart rate sensors.

The details will help cabin crew check travellers’ physiological state during the flight that is if the passenger is awake, asleep, hungry, nervous, hot, cold or uncomfortable- all can be known.

This information would be later used to adjust climate settings in case the passenger wants to recline their seat while they are asleep.

So on one hand it sounds too far fetched and straight out of a sci-fi movie but you know the technology is already a reality.