Canadian woman demanding white doctor video goes viral for all wrong reasons

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Canada woman demands white doctor for treatment of son
Canada woman demands white doctor for treatment of son

New Delhi : Canada, famous for its acceptance of multi-colour diversity, faced racism threat after a video of Canadian woman demanding a white doctor went viral for all the wrong reasons.

In the video, she can be seen asking for a 'white' doctor who 'speaks perfect English' and refusing treatment of her ill son from a 'Pakistani doctor'.

While other patients started protesting against the behaviour of the woman, one of the visitors recorded the whole incident on his mobile phone. Hitesh Bhardwaj, the man who filmed the video, said he did so out of a sense of responsibility.

A patient decided to confront the woman and slammed her for being “rude and racist”, the Canadian woman tried to play the victim card. In the video, she can be seen saying, “You’re brown, you’re brown. You’re all attacking me because I’m white.”


According to a report by the Star, “The Canadian Medical Association, meanwhile, said that ‘racism has no place in Canada nor in our health-care system.'”

The association’s president, Dr Granger Avery, said in a statement said, “Part of Canada’s strength is our multicultural history and makeup.”