Two portions of fish in your diet are good for health

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Health Benefits of eating fish
Health Benefits of eating fish

New Delhi : Want one more reason to add fish to your diet plan? Check this out; A new study has revealed that eating fish twice in a week is good for health and also helps to relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

As per findings of the study, people who ate fish regularly suffered less from swollen or tender joints than those who ditched it.

According to a report in Daily Mail, the study also found that people who ate even more than just two servings of fish were less likely to have rheumatoid arthritis.

Earlier, also it was revealed that fish contains OMEGA-3 fatty acid that is good for health and help in relieving joint pains. On the other hand, red meat contains OMEGA-6 fatty acid which is not good for human health.

As per the reports, Dr Sara Tedeschi, lead author of the study in Arthritis Care and Research, said that fish consumption has been noted to have many beneficial health effects.

The study was conducted over 176 rheumatism patients living in Baltimore. They were given fishes rich in Omega 3 fatty acid. The researchers avoided frying of fishes as it reduces OMEGA 3 content.

It is said that the levels of inflammation when measured by tests of a marker in the blood, were significantly lower among those eating fish twice or more a week compared to those who never ate it.