China's COVID-19 sustenance more deadly for world than coronavirus pandemic

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China's COVID-19 sustenance more deadly for world than coronavirus pandemic
China's COVID-19 sustenance more deadly for world than coronavirus pandemic

New Delhi : With coronavirus pandemic starting at Wuhan in China and then spreading across the world, China must have been the nation to suffer most of the economic losses due to lockdown and other known factors; but, it is the exact opposite, the world economies have shattered with experts calling it to be recession worse than 2009.

A UN Trade Report on Tuesday claimed that India and China are the only exceptional economies which would take less hit from the global slowdown. For India, the lockdown and prevention measures in time could be the reason; but for China, it is the continuous operation of its factories despite the world crisis.

China has been praised by the western countries for emerging out as a winner in the time of crisis when most economies have failed drastically.

Chinese companies that made socks were suddenly making masks, and protective gear and selling them to Europe and Asia – a bald attempt by the regime to capture international goodwill. But the good gesture is not good for a long time.

China's COVID-19 sustenance is nothing but a more scary option to get in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic. There have been reports where the masks provided by the Chinese companies - not donated – were faulty and left doctors unprotected from the virus. Even the testing kits were found faulty on several occasions.

From Spain to Italy, from the Czech Republic to Turkey to the Netherlands, governments are outraged and throwing out the supplies they bought from China in desperation.

The countries have been saying that the kits did not work like the Chinese toys and left the world exposed to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nearly 80% of the kits gave false results in Spain, which now is a major hotspot after Italy. The story is the same in the Czech Republic where the health ministry paid $546,000 for 100,000 test kits from China. The Dutch also withdrew the kits they bought.

Netherlands government has ordered to retract around 600,000 made in China face masks from the Dutch hospitals after they were found defective and not able to provide any safety against the deadly coronavirus.

The country had ordered around 1.3 billion so-called FFP2 masks from China. According to a news report, the health ministry has recalled 600,000 masks which were distributed to the hospitals.

Meanwhile, there are reports where companies are planning to shift their production units out from China and spread them to multiple locations so that in conditions like coronavirus pandemic the operations can go through.

Apple Inc recently announced that they will be shifting most of the production units from China to Vietnam and India.