Cruel act! Boy throws girlfriend off the ridge in a disturbing video

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How to get rid of a girl video
How to get rid of a girl video

Los Angeles : In a shocking and disturbing video, a man can be seen pushing his girlfriend off the ridge before giving a thumbs up.

We are not sure if the video is a stunt or not but as seen in the worrying clip, that has surfaced online, a man pushes a woman off a ridge.

The clip has got plenty of people on the internet asking questions.

As seen in the footage, which was posted on YouTube with the horrible title, "How to quickly get rid of a girl", a young couple can be seen by the sea in France. 

To begin with, everything seems romantic as the pair hold hands on the edge of a steep ridge admiring the view together.

On the edge of the ridge the woman turns around and beams at her partner, who then pushes her and the girl can be seen falling down and laying flat.

She lies motionless on the rocky grass, and the clip then cuts out before the man says, “Job Done”.

The cruel act has been speculated as a stunt by many, but seeing the atrocity we are not sure about it.

Watch the video here: