Donald Trump building his cabinet: Here's shortlist!

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Los angeles : US President-elect Donald Trump, who is facing protests from several segments of the society, is doing what he does best- paying no heed! The man is now adamant on setting up his own cabinet and is looking forward to the ‘knife-point’ strategic appointments.

According to sources, Reince Priebus has been named Trump's chief of staff while Steve Bannon will be named Trump's chief strategist. 

Some are even discussing the probability of the division of power among Priebus, Bannon and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who also has a key role in transition decisions. 

Close sources say that Trump is considering key appointments in the national security and diplomatic sectors.

He is still doubtful in selecting secretary of state, with mainstream conservatives supporting John Bolton against Rudy Giuliani, who is seen as a loyalist to Trump.

Sen. Jeff Sessions is now the leading contender for attorney general while retired Lt. General Ron Burgess, former director of the DIA, is a leading contender for director of national intelligence. 

Retired General Michael Flynn is leading candidate for national security adviser. The chaos  over so many political backers signal that Trump values loyalty over experience.

So, who gets selected or not remains to be seen.