Trump's oath taking marred by protests in Washington; 2 cops injured, 95 arrested

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Anti-Trump protests
Anti-Trump protests

Los Angeles : As Donald John Trump swore in as 45th American President, chaos erupted throughout the Washington city as hundreds marched through the city’s streets, smashing bus stop windows, toppling over news boxes, spray-painting buildings and, in one case, bashing in the windows of a black limousine. 

Following the acts of violence, helmeted police chased away protesters with batons, hose them with pepper spray and fire flash bangs. 

The protests turned intense with the sound of explosions and sirens filling the cool air – in a morning when everybody was interested in watching the inauguration ceremony of their new President.

Some masked activists even ravaged a McDonald’s restaurant, a Starbucks coffee shop and a steakhouse several blocks from the White House.

The signs and flags read- "Join the resistance, fight back now." Police used pepper spray and chased them down a major avenue.

In another location not far from the White House, protesters also scuffled with police, at one point throwing aluminum chairs at them at outdoor café.

Ar least 2 policemen were injured, while over 95 people were arrested, quoted Interim Police Chief Peter Newsham as saying in a Periscope video posted on Twitter.