Trump's new @POTUS account included Obama's 2009 inauguration picture

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Los Angeles : Twitter's official POTUS and FLOTUS handles on Friday changed their profile images to President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. But Trump's POTUS handle briefly had a banner photo from Barack Obama's 2009 inauguration.

Twitter changed the accounts almost immediately after Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the US. Meanwhile, Barack Obama became POTUS44 and Michelle FLOTUS44.

Trump's POTUS handle proclaimed him 45th President of the United States. "Working on behalf of the American people to make our country great again", it said.

According to Mashable, the banner photo for Donald Trump's version of the POTUS account had briefly featured a predictable photo of American flags raised in front of a distant Capitol. 

"Less predictably, the photo was from the inauguration of former President Barack Obama, in 2009," it said.

In an update, it later said, "Someone has changed the background of the account to a super generic photo of an American flag."

Gizmodo too noticed the 2009 picture on Trump's POTUS account.

"At exactly noon today, Donald Trump inherited the POTUS Twitter account. Unfortunately his header photo is a picture from Barack Obama's inauguration in 2009," it said.

It said that while Donald Trump inherited Obama's handle and followers, it's important to note he did not inherit his header photo, meaning someone on his team was responsible for choosing it. Trump's inauguration didn't quite have the same turnout as Obama's.

Similarly, Vice President Mike Pence has assumed control of VP, and Joe Biden now has VP44.