Trump stage scare: Apprehended man released, Clinton blamed again

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Trump stage scare
Trump stage scare

Los angeles : In a surprising scene, Republican candidate Donald Trump was rushed offstage by Secret Service members after a rally was disrupted on Saturday night in Reno, Nevada. More than a half-hour into his speech, he noticed a disturbance in the crowd in front of him. Reports claim that the apprehended man was holding a “Republicans Against Trump” sign.

The rally members scattered after a person in the crowd shouted that someone had a gun. 

According to Secret Service department, a man was apprehended but no weapons were found on him and was released later. 

When Trump later returned to his rally, he addressed, “We have one of those guys from the Hillary Clinton campaign. How much are you being paid, fifteen hundred?”

Notably, both Trump and Hillary Clinton’s rallies are protected by multiple layers of security, including metal detectors and officers searching bags at every entrance.

This has not been the first time that Trump has been part of some commotion during his rallies. 

In March, a group of Secret Service agents rushed onstage and formed a protective ring around the candidate during a rally in Ohio, after an audience member ran toward him. Moments later, the agents left the stage and Trump resumed his speech.

This was his second last rally ahead of US Presidential Elections on Tuesday.