Vladimir Putin an alien! British diplomats little game astounds all

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Los angeles : We all know that nowadays Whatsapp culture is taking over office culture but the trend is also setting up in diplomacy. Yes, you heard it right. Now, the countless discussions, debates are finding place in the popular chatting destination. So much so that exchanges over policy statements, fine print, and fair amounts of banter and even emojis are commonly in nowadays.

If reports are to be believed then in diplomatic circles, Vladimir Putin is referred to by widespread use of a grey alien avatar. 

As told to a tabloid, a senior western diplomat said, “You can form small groups of like-minded allies, take photos of annotated documents, ask people what they think without the whole room knowing.”

The tool is useful for communicating with allies who might not be sitting close to each other. It is even helpful while agreeing and negotiating tactics during difficult sessions and for organising break-out huddles.

He's sometimes represented as a grey-faced alien emoji. An internal report at the UK's Foreign Office found that British diplomats occasionally use the app to discuss sensitive issues. 

Well, Mr Putin what do you have to say about it?