US President Donald Trump- what the world thinks?

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Trump world reactions
Trump world reactions

Los Angeles : Donald Trump has sworn in as 45th president of the United States and the world is already thinking. Newsheads take a look at what leaders across the world are saying about America's new 'controversial' leader.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday congratulated Donald Trump on his becoming the US President and said he looked forward to working with him to further deepen India-US ties.


A well-known Russian-American singer Willi Tokarev, who is 82 and just released an album named "Trumplissimo America", praised the incoming leader as an "unbelievable superman, the symbol of America."

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin also exchanged pleasantries with Trump as the American President recently suggested he may lift biting economic sanctions slapped on Russia for its annexation of Crimea.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed Trump's incoming administration and said, "After eight difficult years, a true friend is entering the White House. Together, we will remind Washington that Israel remains its greatest friend and closest ally."

The West Bank

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas criticized Trump's vows and said, "it will not help peace and we hope it does not happen."


China was often criticised by Trump during his presidential campaign for allegedly unfair trade practices. At one point, Trump even threatened to launch what experts said amounted to a trade war. But netizens feel that now Trump is the new President, they are optimistic about Trump's impact on China.


Trump moves into the White House at a time when the U.S. remains locked in battle with ISIS across Iraq and Syria. So some citizens feel that America is paying the price of invading their country. 


Egyptians are seen trying to brace for the next American administration and are little wary by what they heard during Trump's inauguration speech.


In London, protesters from the Bridges Not Walls group unfurled a banner on the city's iconic Tower Bridge reading: "Act now! Build bridges not walls," a reference to Trump's promise to build a wall on the Mexican border. Migrants welcome here."