Elon Musk caught laughing on a Twitter joke on Jeff Bezos

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Elon Musk (Image tweeted by @elonmusk)
Elon Musk (Image tweeted by @elonmusk)

New Delhi : Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are known for being rivals professionally and there have been instances where two took a dig on each other.

In a recent event, Elon Musk was caught laughing on a joke cracked by a Twitter user on Jeff Bezos.

It all started when a user by the name “SpaceXMR” shared a Reddit post that featured a meme about Mr Bezos.

The tweet said, “The 5 stages of J E F F” and the meme featured five images of the entrepreneur. It was titled “The 5 stages of grief,” and each of the photos of Mr Bezos was followed by the words “denial”, “anger”, “bargaining”, “depression” and “acceptance.” This was followed by an arrow pointing at the word “bargaining”, with the note, “We are here.”

Elon Musk left an emoji on the post and it came to the notice of Twitter users.

This is not the first time when Musk has reacted to a meme on Jeff Bezos. Earlier, he had done the same on a joke inspired from Star Wars.