Secure your health with comprehensive health insurance plans by Bajaj Finance

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Secure your health with comprehensive health insurance plans by Bajaj Finance
Secure your health with comprehensive health insurance plans by Bajaj Finance

New Delhi : Investing in a health insurance policy is a must to stay prepared for any medical emergencies. Most importantly it prevents your savings from draining out. A health insurance policy helps you cope with the increasing medical costs and access quality healthcare services, without worrying about expenses. Therefore, having a comprehensive health insurance policy for you and your family is essential to seek timely medical intervention. 

Why comprehensive health insurance is a great choice

A comprehensive health insurance policy ensures that you are adequately protected from any unexpected medical expenses. This is precisely why you can rely on Bajaj Finance, which partners with top health insurance companies to bring you policies that are best suited to your requirements. 

Bajaj Finance offers a wide range of plans that provide comprehensive coverages at affordable premiums. You can opt for individual health insurance, family health insurance or other insurance policies according to your health needs. The following are some of the most important advantages of a health insurance policy:

Coverage against hospitalisation

The insured person's hospitalisation expenditures will be covered under comprehensive health insurance policies. In addition, room rent, doctor's fee, nursing expenses, and the cost of medical treatments and prescriptions will be covered under the policy.

Pre and post-hospitalisation

Diagnostic tests and health check-ups performed before being hospitalised and the cost of follow-up treatments and prescription charges post discharge from the hospital are covered for a stipulated time.

Day-care treatments

Comprehensive health insurance policies cover multiple day-care treatment expenses that do not require 24 hours hospitalisation. 

All medical needs covered

With changing times, insurers have upgraded their offerings in terms of providing coverage for all kinds of treatments. Understanding customer needs and evolution of modern treatments as well as effective traditional treatments, Bajaj Finance offers health insurance plans that meet all your health needs. These health plans offer coverages for a range of treatments from modern to ayurvedic and homoeopathic treatments.

Critical illness coverage 

Critical illness policies are usually available as a standalone or a rider to a pre-existing policy. These plans cover major diseases such as heart attack, organ transplant, stroke, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases.

Bajaj Finance offers comprehensive health insurance policies that provide coverage for up to 30 critical diseases.

Additional coverages

Health Insurance plans from Bajaj Finance also offers additional coverage plans such as personal accident coverage that can be availed against expenses arising from bodily injury, disability, or death caused due to accidents. Some plans even offer maternity insurance benefits to cover costs arising from normal as well as caesarean delivery, pre-natal and post-natal expenses, post-delivery care, and vaccination expenses.

Ambulance charges

Health Insurance plans offered by Bajaj Finance also cover road or air ambulance charges as the case maybe to easily transport the insured person to the hospital, if required. 

Sum reinstatement

Health insurance plans offered by Bajaj Finance provide the facility to restore your sum insured. For example, if the sum covered on your health insurance policy is used up partially during the policy period, this feature will enable you to restore the sum insured.


Comprehensive health insurance plans are renewable. The policy period for each health plan may vary from one year to three years, and these plans can be renewed after the end of the policy period. Bajaj Finance offers a range of health insurance plans that also give you the option of multiyear and lifetime renewability. 

Choosing the right health insurance plan is important to secure yourself from any future medical contingencies. Make a smart choice by opting for a comprehensive health insurance plan with Bajaj Finance and stay financially equipped during a medical emergency.