Four women accuse Donald Trump of touching them inappropriately

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US Presidential candidate Donald Trump
US Presidential candidate Donald Trump

New Delhi : Five days after Donald Trump's video over his sad perception about taking advantage of females as a celebrity came out; four women have accused him of touching them inappropriately.

According to a report by Washington Post, the women have accused him of forcibly groping and kissing them without their consent.

New York Times quoted two women describing the behaviour of Donald Trump. 

One of the women alleges that Trump grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt during a flight more than three decades ago, another says he kissed her on the mouth outside an elevator in 2005. 

The third women claimed that Trump groped her rear end at his Mar-a-Lago resort 13 years ago, the Palm Beach Post reported.

The fourth, then a People magazine reporter, says Trump kissed her without her consent when the two were alone in 2005 right before an interview she was about to conduct with Trump and his wife.

Donald Trump and his team are denying all allegations made by the four women. But a media report claims that the story has been verified by their close friends and family, with whom they had shared the incident months or years back.

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The former journalist had posted a complete article describing the incident which happens to be on the People Magazine portal.

If reports are to be believed then, Donald Trump is consulting his legal advisors and planning to file lawsuit against Times.

Early Thursday morning, Trump's campaign released a letter from attorney Marc E. Kasowitz demanding a retraction from the Times. "Failure to do so will leave my client with no option but to pursue all available actions and remedies," it said. The letter was addressed to Times executive editor Dean Baquet.


# Four women have accused Donald Trump of groping and kissing them forcibly

# Donald Trump is likely to file a lawsuit against Times for the same

# Five days back a video was released showcasing how sad Trump talks about women behind closed doors

# He has denied all allegations made by the women.